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Aim for a rich vocabulary, use of synonyms. Although associated volumes are low existent.. Enjoy the keyword tool google adwords before using the tool presented below, you must have an idea of your more general keywords. This phase although simple is essential. Since you are an online retailer, consider types of bination products or not brands. For example, jeans, levis jeans. The idea is to see professional seo services what are the typed versions by internet users. The next phase will be to identify which of those variations are relevant. Volume returned by google will even allow you to prioritize those key phrases. To access the tool, create a google adwords account its free, you do not even need to put a credit card on the account.

We begin to see the key phrases here to aim more precisely: models gender female, man, price levels cheap, etc. Fyi, this search has generated possible key expressions, which is in fact the maximum returned by the tool. If you want to dig a branch, start by choosing a keyword narrower. For example: jean woman results again! Or «jean levis woman. Do your market and list the results in a spreadsheet. The list that you will build will use each time you write the content for your site. For the curious, the petition is a rough indicator of the number of advertisers who bought this keyword adwords. Finally, the price of the forward click is the one you would pay if you were to be in the top on this key phrase.. This tool is much richer than this brief presentation, i invite you to go further by yourself, playing with such filters. Access:.

Information of google local business seo

Google. Fradwords. Discover to go further is a free tool that will allow you to view more watch the results offered by google suggest where you start typing your search. Very rich, it will send you any suggestions as you type your keyword plus another character. See for the curious, its pretty impressive! Personally i do not rarely use, but it allows you to go faster than google suggest. In the past, the presence of a keyword in google local business seo a domain name greatly helped to position itself and enrich domain name re sellers. Today this bonus seems much more limited at least for google. Finally, i advise you to target a domain name memorable, rather than trying to find a name area seo and free..

The brand is an asset and the number of visitors will use to find you. If your brand is. You will be peting with other sites on your own name field.. If your name is rarer because not from the dictionary, it will be easier to find. When registering a domain, you can by extension the record for a decade. Its not enormous, but in indicating that you book for years this information is public you send light positive signal to search engines. Sites designed to spam the web are always reserved for one year.

Access: the options for your domain name to the registrar that registered the domain name. Do not use a non-anonymous whops anonymity is tempting and acceptable if it simply about the email. If you hide all in against through a third party service you send a bad signal.. The owo service offered by ovh is limited to one email redirection, this poses no problem local business seo packages on the simple seo. Faiths map: if the is available, take it! Otherwise, in the case of a national market, take the local extension. for france. If the. or. Co.